TOP policy for Generation Rent

The Opportunities Party gets real about tenants rights - and goes where the establishment parties won't.

The Opportunities Party has today directly addressed the needs and interests of "Generation Rent", with a policy to provide tenants in rental properties with greater rights. You can get the policy statement here: 

This is another policy that really sets TOP apart from the establishment parties, who are afraid to address fundamental structural problems in New Zealand.

TOP takes its lead from Shamubeel Eaqub's book "Generation Rent" and proposes New Zealand tenancy policies similar to Germany's. This would mean that:
  • Tenants have greater security of tenure.  The landlord has to give a substantial period of notice; months rather than weeks, giving tenants ample time to find new accomodation in the same area if they wish.
  • The market sets rents, not the landlord.  Increases in rent have to be in line with local market conditions, not whatever the landlord thinks they can get away with.
  • Tenants are not evicted when a property is sold.  The tenancy is considered part of the property and is transferred to the new owner when a property is sold.
  • Tenants are able to treat a rented property as their own, up to a point.  Tenants have, by right, the ability to repaint and make minor improvements with the landlord's approval.
These initiatives are critical to providing long-term housing security for people who cannot afford to buy, and may never be able to. Under current market conditions, that's more than 50% of households in New Zealand.

The policy also reinforces other aspects of TOP policy aimed at creating fairness and opportunity for all New Zealanders:  
  • TOP  will transfer the government's social housing stock to not-for-profit social housing providers for free.  Those housing providers can leverage the equity they get to build more new social housing.
  • TOP will reinvest revenue from the emissions trading scheme into home insulation and domestic energy efficiency investments - not only does this provide New Zealanders with warmer, drier, healthier homes, but it will accelerates the reduction in carbon emissions from the domestic sector. It's a win-win-win solution.

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